Our Mission
To lead the movement to accurately* portray women and girls in media, so that by 2020, they see themselves reflected as they truly are.
* As defined by the 2016 Oxford Dictionary, accurately means “In a way that is correct in all details. Synonyms include exactly and truthfully.”
We Believe
We believe that media and technology can play a major role in how women and girls see themselves. We believe in the power this visibility will inspire in our world. And we believe that projecting truth and inclusiveness will benefit all people, everywhere.

It stands to reason that more women and girls will be inspired to reach their potential when the media they see is more inclusive of them. Today, the average age, race, and body type of women depicted represent just a small fraction of the female population. That means most women and girls have likely never seen themselves reflected in the media.

Together with industry leaders, we’re championing the movement to portray women and girls accurately so that the images and roles they see in the media mirror the real world. We will continue to showcase excellent work on this site that supports the #SeeHer mission.
The #SeeHer initiative is spearheaded by the Association of National Advertisers (ANA), the largest marketing and advertising association in the United States. The ANA makes a difference for individuals, brands, and the industry by advancing the interests of marketers and promoting and protecting the well-being of the marketing community. ANA membership includes nearly 1,000 companies with 15,000 brands that collectively spend or support more than $300 billion in marketing and advertising annually. #SeeHer is part of the ANA’s Alliance for Family Entertainment (ANA AFE), the industry’s foremost advocate for sophisticated, realistic, family-themed content on traditional and digital platforms.
Women's History Month

MTV and #SeeHer Celebrate Women’s History Month with “A Woman Did That” Initiative:
Begins Saturday, March 4, 6 PM ET

“A Woman Did That” – Little Mix

“A Woman Did That” – Bebe Rexha

“A Woman Did That” – Rihanna

“A Woman Did That” – Tschabalala Self

“A Woman Did That” – Keiana Cavé

“A Woman Did That” – Amani Al-Khatahtbeh

“A Woman Did That” – Laurie Hernandez

“A Woman Did That” – Lucy Jones

Gender Equality Measure
To help marketers and content creators succeed in portraying accurate women and girls in media, the ANA AFE has created GEM (Gender Equality Measure.)
GEM measures perceptions of how female actors are portrayed in the media by asking consumers (newly developed) key characteristics about gender.

The assessment for each ad or program is compared to a database of thousands of ads / hundreds of programs.

GEM drives advertising purchase intent scores by 26% and brand reputation scores by 11%. And ads perform better in GEM positive content, proving that gender equality is good for business.

In addition, by providing a creative team with a feedback loop marketers can expect to improve ads. This has the ability to double these benefits over time.

Most importantly, GEM will help provide more accurate portrayal of women and girls in media.

Reality Check: New Equality Measure Targets Gender Bias in Ads and Media

March 20, 2017, New York, NY— Gender bias is bad for business. Research proves that ads and entertainment in which women and girls are accurately portrayed generate significantly more awareness, recall, and purchase intent than ads in which they are not. Now the Association of National Advertisers’ Alliance for Family Entertainment (ANA AFE) has given the industry a potent, new, data-driven methodology to identify — and eliminate — gender bias.


MTV and #SeeHer Kickoff Women’s History Month with A Woman Did That Initiative Beginning Saturday, March 4

New York – March 2, 2017 – MTV and the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) will kickoff Women’s History Month with the A Woman Did That programming initiative to help build awareness for the #SeeHer campaign and rally fans around the movement to accurately portray women and girls in media by the year 2020.

Beginning at 8:00 p.m. ET on Saturday, March 4, and concluding at 6:00 p.m. ET on Sunday, March 5, #SeeHer and MTV will spotlight groundbreaking females and their achievements across business, culture, entertainment, music, science, sports and technology, with highlight packages and trivia segments illuminating interesting historical facts and issues that women have faced. The campaign will extend across MTV’s digital and social platforms including its Snapchat Discover channel with Women’s History Month editorial content highlighting powerful and pioneering women.

Critics' Choice Awards

Viola Davis To Receive First Ever #SeeHer Award

New York – December 6, 2016 – The Association of National Advertisers (ANA) and A&E Network will partner at the “22nd Annual Critics’ Choice Awards” to introduce and present actress Viola Davis with the first-ever #SeeHer award. Davis embodies the values set forth by the #SeeHer mission, including pushing boundaries on changing stereotypes and her recognition of the importance of accurately portraying women across the entertainment landscape. The award will be given out on-air during the 22nd Annual Critics’ Choice Awards, Sunday, December 11, at 8:00 p.m. ET/5:00 p.m. PT on A&E, hosted by T.J. Miller.


Are Your Ads and TV Shows Defective on Gender Equity? The ANA Has a Tool That Can Help

Are your TV ads or the shows where you advertise defective in the way they portray women? The Association of National Advertisers has a new system to tell you.

The Gender Equality Measure scores ads or entertainment on how and how prominently they depict women, like an ad-industry version of Six Sigma, the data-driven methodology aimed at eliminating defects in products or services.

Ad Age Article

The Whole Truth: ANA Alliance for Family Entertainment Launches #SeeHer

June 16, 2016, New York, NY

Despite the strides made in recent decades to accurately portray women and women’s issues in the media, an unconscious bias persists against women and girls in advertising, media, and programming. In response, the Association of National Advertisers Alliance for Family Entertainment (ANA AFE) is spearheading an initiative to address it, #SeeHer.
The mission of #SeeHer is to accurately portray all girls and women in media so that by 2020, they see themselves reflected as they truly are.

#SEEHER Movement Press
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Bank of America
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