All Mothers Deserve to be Seen

2 May 2018


With Mother’s Day right around the corner, we’ve been counting down with wonderful ads from #SeeHer partners that recognize the impact moms have on our lives.


This gem from Teleflora encourages us all to Love Out Loud with flowers, because of all the unconditional love our mothers have showed us:


This ad from American Greetings shows us how one everyday card from a mother to her daughter can leave an impression that last forever:


Hallmark reminds us that "moms" don't have to be related to us to give us comfort:



This ad from Ford shows just how much an unstoppable force our moms can really be:


Serena Williams gives some advice to her newborn daughter in this beautiful spot:


A Mom’s encouragement leads to some amazing accomplishments in this ad from Jif and Smuckers:


This ad showcases scenes of moms helping their children stand up in the face of adversity in this incredibly powerful P&G spot:


Moms are there to help us when we fall in this ad from Brawny:


HP wishes all the moms across the globe a Happy Mother’s Day in this spot:


And in this ad, Dove teaches us that there’s no one way to be a mom, despite the advice moms may get:


There are some beautiful stories here, reminding us just how grateful we should be for the most important women in all of our lives.


Happy Mother’s Day!