CEO Roundtable

While at the BFF, the annual festival that champions inclusion in all media platforms, #SeeHer had the opportunity to connect with key marketing leaders. More than 50+ business executives gathered to share successes and opportunities to change how women are portrayed in advertising and media. Walmart CMO Tony Rogers reaffirmed their commitment to #SeeHer and the importance how a company’s ads and programming choices stack-up on GEM®™ scoring. Marc Pritchard, CBO at P&G, discussed their campaigns and challenges or successes. A number of specific examples were shared:

Douwe Bergsma and Kim Sackey from Georgia Pacific relayed how Brawny had taken #SeeHer from media and advertising and incorporated into packaging with #StrengthHasNoGender. Sparkle paper towels also received a significant #SeeHer makeover with the Sparkle Fairy utilizing GEM®™ insight.

Sparkle Packaging

Mattel’s Lori Patel showcased Barbie’s new fashionista line, demonstrating how a successful, long-term brand can evolve in relevance and lead the change in the portrayal of women and girls in toys.

Nickelodeon’s Pam Kaufman shared their Emmy-winning ad demonstrating their commitment to portraying young girls as strong in their programming.

Attendees left with action steps, including “measure what you value.” #SeeHer continues to help companies grow ROI while changing the way women and girls are portrayed.