#SeeHer Bootcamp

How would you like to increase your sales by 200%? That’s what #SeeHer member Georgia-Pacific earned for making one small change—making its famous Brawny® Man a woman.  The switch was a direct result of insights the marketer gleaned from its experience at a #SeeHer bootcamp last year.

For 18 months, #SeeHer members have been providing this unique—and uniquely useful—onsite training to their marketing teams, both internal and external. Created by #SeeHer co-founder Shelley Zalis and the #SeeHer team, boot camps are both inspirational and educational. Often the first real learning marketers receive in creating bias-free content, they bring together dozens of people, many of whom have never met each other, to talk about gender equality, evaluate their advertising, and take back learnings to their organizations and agencies. Boot camps drive cultural and systemic change for our marketing teams, giving real-world and best-practice training on how to make gender-equal communications content that moves the needle.

And those results can be almost immediate. For example, Verizon has implemented gender- equality training into 100% of its required training for internal and external agency teams. Walmart’s #SeeHer boot camp influenced a campaign in the final stages of production, and Tracfone incorporated #SeeHer learnings into the campaigns for their entire brand portfolio.

“I was so energized by this event,” says Lisa Schoder, head of integrated marketing and media for Ford Motor Company, about the automaker’s boot camp. “I knew that Ford was in a good place, but leaders never rest, and I want to continue to push us. I think everyone left the session with not only a heightened sense of awareness but also a heightened sense of responsibility. Ford has a tremendous power to drive change.”

If you’d like to become a #SeeHer member, learn more about how to improve your brand performance, or you’re already a member and want to schedule a Boot Camp, reach out to us at SeeHerInfo@ana.net.