#HerBigBreak will support three emerging women artists

ATLANTA, MARCH 15, 2022 – Today, SeeHer, the leading movement to eliminate gender bias in advertising and entertainment, and music tech startup Breakr, announced the launch of an accelerator program to help emerging artists.

SeeHer, a global movement of media, marketing and entertainment leaders committed to the accurate depiction of women and girls in marketing, advertising, and media, is working to eliminate gender bias in music through their SeeHer Hear Her initiative. Through this new partnership with Breakr, a marketplace that seamlessly connects emerging artists and brands directly with influencers, the two entities hope to provide unique, compelling opportunities for three women emerging artists.

A panel of entertainment executives and high-profile influencers will help select three emerging women artists for the program. The artists will receive:
● Mentorship by key female music executives
● Opportunities for a live performance
● Coaching and insight on the development of influencer marketing campaigns

Mentors include artist Baby Tate; Dana Droppo, Senior Vice President, Head of Marketing, Billboard; Adrienne (Ada) Hopkins, Strategic Partner Manager, Top Creator Communities, YouTube; Amber Grimes, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Love Renaissance (LVRN); and Cori Gadbury, Director, Tour Marketing, United Talent Agency (UTA), among others.

“I’m excited to join Breakr and SeeHer in uplifting independent women artists in music. As someone who built their career independently, I know exactly how difficult it can be for women,” said Baby Tate. “I’m grateful for the opportunity to share what I’ve learned and help these women develop amazing careers!”

“At least half of the next generation of genius musicians out there right now are young women looking for a way in,” echoed Dana Droppo. “What a benefit to the world it will be when the industry corrects its gender bias.”

Statistics have shown that women artists are severely overlooked and underserved in the music industry. Across popular songs from 2012-2019, women made up less than 22 percent of artists, less than 15 percent of songwriters and less than 3 percent of producers. Through this inaugural #HerBig Break accelerator program, Breakr and SeeHer will help empower three independent women artists and foster business relationships to help their music careers.

“While women are getting more opportunities in front of and behind the mic, we know that there is still work that needs to be done to elevate them in the industry and create an even playing field,” said Jeanine Shao Collins, President, SeeHer. “Through SeeHer Hear Her, we are aiming to eliminate the gender bias in music. Partnering with Breakr, who understands the power of music marketing on this accelerator program, we hope to help propel three emerging women artists into the industry. We can’t wait to see what participants accomplish.”

“Some of the world’s most timeless classics are sung, produced, and written by women, yet, women are still very marginalized in the music industry,” added Anthony Brown, CEO at Breakr. “At the same time, brands are looking for new ways to organically connect with consumers and culture. We saw this accelerator as an opportunity to connect our artist community with the SeeHer movement to help close this gap. It’s a strategic imperative for Breakr to work with the world’s leading marketers to construct creative win-win solutions for independent artists, influencers, brands, and fans broadly speaking.”

To apply to this program, emerging women artists must post a video of their musical talent on Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok with the hashtag #HerBigBreakContest, sign up for a Breakr account, and fill out the online application. Full details of the submission process and the accelerator program can be found at www.musicbreakr.com/herbigbreak. Submissions close April 6th, 2022.

About SeeHer
SeeHer is the leading global movement of media, marketing and entertainment leaders and influencers committed to the accurate depiction of women and girls in advertising and media. While strides have been made in recent years to authentically portray women and girls, unconscious bias persists throughout advertising and entertainment. The average age, race, and body type, among other characteristics, of women shown in media still represent only a small fraction of the female population. The SeeHer movement was launched by the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) in partnership with The Female Quotient (The FQ) in 2016 at the United State of Women. To help marketers benchmark success, SeeHer spearheaded the development of the Gender Equality Measure® (GEM®), the first research methodology that quantifies gender bias in ads and programming. GEM® shows that content accurately portraying females dramatically increases both purchase intent and brand reputation. Once complete, the GEM® methodology quickly became the industry standard, winning the prestigious ESOMAR Research Effectiveness Award in 2017 and leading to its global rollout in 2018. Since 2019, the movement has expanded its verticals to include sports (SeeHer In Sports) and music (SeeHer Hear Her). To learn more, visit SeeHer.com and follow SeeHer on social media @SeeHer (Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn) and @SeeHerOfficial (TikTok and Twitter).

About Breakr
Breakr is a two-sided marketplace that connects artists and brands directly with influencers to break new music and launch new products. Breakr’s music discovery component empowers creatives and allows for authentic collaboration. With a community of over 60,000 creators, Breakr is transforming how artists break their music and how brands succeed in music-driven influencer campaigns.