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Grace Hopper

Born in New York City in 1906, Grace Hopper joined the U.S. Navy during World War II and was assigned to program the Mark I computer. She continued to work in computing after the war, leading the team that created the first computer language compiler, which led to the popular COBOL language. She resumed active naval service at the age of 60, becoming a rear admiral before retiring in 1986. Hopper died in Virginia in 1992.

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Erica Baker, Engineer

Erica is a Senior Engineering Manager at Patreon and advocate for diversity and inclusion in tech, and expanding access to tech education. Erica's career in tech began fifteen years ago doing domain administration for the University of Alaska Statewide System, before becoming a Googler in 2006. Erica's role grew and shifted within Google, growing from Support Technician to Site Reliability Engineer. At Slack, she built the Native Client Build and Release infrastructure. She joined Patreon in 2017 where she manages the Infrastructure Engineering team.

Erica is on the Board of Directors for Girl Develop It, the advisory Boards for Atipica and Hack the Hood, and is a Tech Mentor for Black Girls Code. Erica is a founding member of Project Include, was the 2015 Level Playing Field Institute Lux Award winner, a nominee for the 2016 Crunchies Include Diversity Award, and was included in WIRED Magazine's 2016 Next List.

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Amy Osborn, Bioengineer

Amy is a postdoctoral researcher at the Center for Neural Science at New York University. Her work focuses on on brain-machine interfaces. She is interested in systems neuroscience and rehabilitation engineering, with a focus on the motor system and learning.She applies engineering techniques to neural systems to better understand how they work, and to improve therapies for neurological disorders.

Before going to NYU, she completed her Ph.D. in the UC Berkeley – UCSF Joint Graduate Group in Bioengineering working with Jose M. Carmena. Her dissertation explored adaptation in BMI systems. She completed her bachelors at Case Western Reserve University in Engineering Physics with a concentration in Biomedical Engineering.

In 2018, Amy will be joining the University of Washington as an assistant professor in Electrical Engineering and Bioengineering.

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