Drayton Martin

Dunkin’ has had the honor of being people’s daily craving for 70 years. So, when the world went upside down, we had to evolve how we supported America.

It was through the COVID-19 crisis that the depth of our relationship with our guests was revealed—we’re more than the last stop you make before you get to the office. Our tagline, “America Runs on Dunkin’,” doesn’t just mean caffeine. We play a larger role in the ritual of daily life. And, this allowed us to evolve from witty sidekick to a more multidimensional place and become a beacon of much-craved normalcy for our loyal guests.

Yes, we are known to entertain through our marketing as we delight through taste buds, but our guests value us for much more. We represent the familiar and help people feel connected. Most Dunkin’ restaurants have remained open through the crisis to help keep America running, even as the majority of America was sheltering in place.

Dunkin’ is not political. We’ve always been a place where everyone is welcome. In the faces of our franchisees and their employees, you see all the colors of America. We believe empathy and openness need to be brought to every conversation and encounter in our restaurants and through our communications, so that we can continue to make Dunkin’  a brand that is open to and inclusive of  everyone. A key part of realizing that ambition is by bringing opportunity for all to each community we serve.  

On June 8, we launched our first-ever national recruiting campaign to help get America working again.  The nation is facing unprecedented unemployment, and we are hoping this campaign will create jobs and careers, including for those in underserved communities. An important benefit of the campaign is our new partnership with Southern New Hampshire University through which restaurant employees have the opportunity to pursue a low-cost online college education.

By being a SeeHer member, we can help with a different but equally important issue facing our nation. The portrayal of women in all areas, including advertising, helps to shape their future possibilities.

A recent campaign we ran for National Donut Day is a good example of how we use GEM®TM and our inspiration from SeeHer to do this. It was spoof of a political debate with different donuts as candidates. In the first round of TV concepts, the proposal included two male and one female candidate in the central roles. We flipped those speaking roles to highlight two female candidates.


The same applies to people of color. We are focused on portraying our multicultural communities with respect. Throughout the development process, we keep this mindset front and center to ensure we are doing our best to project an America that all Americans deserve.