Norman de Greve

When I came to CVS Health in 2015, I was thrilled to join an organization that was grounded in purpose. Just a year before, the company had made headlines with its commitment to no longer sell tobacco products in its CVS Pharmacy stores. That decision was a spark that ignited innovation across the company that was centered on our customers’ health and wellbeing.

Our culture of innovation and purpose inspired new programs and services that only CVS Health offers.  I am especially proud of the Beauty Mark initiative, our pledge to pass on a healthy self-esteem to the next generation. As a member of SeeHer, the son of a single mother and successful business owner, and the father of a young girl, I understand the power of authenticity.

By the end of this year, all beauty imagery will either feature the Beauty Mark to celebrate that is has not been materially altered or it will be labeled as “digitally altered.” We committed to working with our National brand partners such as Olay, CoverGirl and Revlon so that together, we could begin to redefine industry standards with the goal of reflecting a more authentic standard of beauty for our customers.

When the coronavirus struck, we again made purpose-driven decisions to protect and serve our colleagues and our customers. For our colleagues, this meant doing everything we could to make sure they felt we were listening to their concerns, and quickly responding with solutions to protect and support them. For consumers, we took swift action to ensure we were making it as easy and safe as possible for them to obtain essential products and services, including prescriptions, telehealth services, and personal care and wellness supplies. Almost immediately, we began providing free 1-2 day delivery of prescriptions and essentials, and made quick changes in the store to mitigate the spread of the virus and encourage social distancing.

To spark human connection when so many people were isolated at home away from family and friends, we gave out 1 million free greeting cards to our drive thru and prescription delivery customers. And to foster moments of joy and maintain traditions, we donated over $5 million in Easter candy to local community organizations across the US, including hospitals, food banks, senior centers, youth programs and other critical resources.

I think this unprecedented time is going to generate even more of a demand for, and response to, authenticity. People are remembering how important their family is, how time with their kids makes a difference, and what home is all about. They are choosing to do things that make them feel and look better. All of that comes from evaluating what’s real and what matters, and doing what feels right for the mind, body and spirit. And CVS Pharmacy will continue doing the right thing for our customers in this moment and all the moments to come.