Kohl's Woman


In an epic holiday ad, a hero mom battles her way down the gridiron — and through gift shopping — to score a touchdown and win the holiday season.

Moms are the heroes of the holiday season, the ones who make sure a family’s celebrations and gift-giving are big successes — and they make a lot of holiday purchasing decisions too.

That’s why Kohl’s, the nation’s biggest omnichannel retailer chain, rolled out a holiday ad this year that features a group of moms storming onto a football field and running — and shopping — their way to the end zone. It’s the third year Kohl’s has made these kinds of high-energy, moms-as-heroes holiday brand spots, starting with a Game of Thrones-inspired ad in 2017 followed by a Westworld-inspired one last year.

“We see this as an epic, genre-busting approach to brand TV advertising,” says Greg Revelle, Kohl’s chief marketing officer. The store’s primary goal with the spot was to showcase new products and brands available this holiday season. “We also needed to recognize the effort our hero moms put into making the season magical and memorable for their families,” he says.

Moms are the heroes of the holiday season, the ones who make sure a family’s celebrations and gift-giving are big successes.

Like its two predecessors, the new spot wittily places moms in recognizable but unusual situations in which they can be the heroes. Two years ago, they were catapulting gifts across medieval battle lines to kids; last year, one mom galloped through town on horseback, delivering presents. This year, the action happens on the gridiron. In all three, the hero moms earn rewards — Kohl’s Cash — for their successful gift-giving.

“We know from our research that product is the number one driver of retail choice for holiday shoppers,” says Revelle. “We needed to marry this with our master brand positioning of ‘Rewarding the Everyday.’ Our insights also indicated that the Kohl’s customer is excited not only to give but also to receive.”


Working with R/GA, the Kohl’s team settled on the idea of football — culturally relevant but also a surprising pick in the retail category during the holiday season. “Viewers are finding the spot to be exciting, fun and unexpected,” Revelle says. “We think it’s an energetic, positive reception of our customer and brand.”